While we love keeping up with the latest styles and taking good care of ourselves, sometimes a visit to a favorite salon isn't the most affordable thing we do.
At Element, we not only want you to  look and feel your best but also to make sure you are taking the right products home with you to keep your hair looking beautiful and staying healthy. To say thank you for believing in our work and spending so much of your time and hard earned money with us, beginning in January 2015, we began a brand new point system! There are now four ways to build points on your account that you may apply towards any of your favorite products, or maybe something new you've been wanting to try!
Here are four fast ways to get a great salon experience and save at the same time:
The quickest way to build up the points on your account is by sending your friends to the salon! You will receive 500 points each time you are mentioned as the referral.
 Times are busy for everyone these days, and we want to make sure you always get the best appointment time!  Help us ensure that by scheduling your future appointment while you are with us, and you will receive 100 points.
For every 5.00 in services you spend with us, you will receive 100 points on your account.
We want you to feel good about taking home every hair care product that you need, and even the ones you just want!  For every dollar you spend on retail products, you will receive one point.
Every 100 points = .00. 
You can use these points whenever you would like until the end of each calendar year! It's easy to see they can add up fast!


First and foremost, pre booking is the most efficient way of getting your desired date and time, and the best way of keeping your hair looking happy and healthy.  Come in with your schedule, and put your phone calendar to work.  Your stylist can tell you how long they would recommend you waiting between visits, and what they would recommend for your next visit as well. This will help alleviate any sort of stress about getting in on time, especially if you are getting in for a color service. 
Secondly, being aware of your stylist’s schedule and calling a couple of weeks in advance is always a great option. Knowing how long your appointment will go, and knowing when your stylist will be available will ensure that you get in around the time that best works for you. Keep in mind that some stylists may book further in advance than others. It’s always best to get familiar with their schedule even just for your piece of mind, and if you can’t get in exactly when you want don’t forget to ask to get on the pending list, some times last minute cancelations happen and you get lucky!
Lastly, if in a last resort you call the day-of, or absolutely can’t wait any longer and you need to get in, you always have the option of temporarily seeing another stylist that your primary stylist would recommend. When it comes down to a color service, your primary stylist always keeps your formula and can pass it along. If you are coming in for a haircut, there are always other stylists at the same price point who are just as talented. 


1. Consistently shampooing with the same shampoo can over time cause build-up of residue in the hair. This can cause the hair to be weighed down or dull. To easily avoid this, change up your shampoo every now and then. An easy tip is to use a clarifying shampoo once a week.
2. It is most helpful when styling your hair if you have previously used a shampoo to complement your style. For instance, if you have naturally wavy or curly hair and are going to let your hair air-dry or diffuse it, you should use a shampoo to enhance your natural curl. If you want to style your hair for a fancy event or do a creative updo, then some sort of volumizing shampoo would be best. 
3. If you are consistently using just a volumizing shampoo (or curly, or smoothing), your hair can become accustomed to it and it will stop working as well. This is why it is best to have several shampoos that you like and rotate them accordingly.


Questions to consider as you seek your perfect personal style:
1. How big of a change are you looking for?
This is one of the most important questions when finding a new hairstyle. Every person coming into a salon is there for a reason-to get their hair done. However, not everyone is there for a drastic change! Knowing how much change a client is looking for helps set a filter and guideline for the stylist so that they can then address the client’s needs accordingly.  For some people a "new look" simply means a refreshed hair trim or a highlight touch-up. For others, it may mean a pixie cut with a vibrant new color. Once the stylist and client are on the same page as far as change, they can then decide what the new look will be.
2. How frequently are you willing to get your hair done?
This directly corresponds to the previous question. If your schedule allows for a visit to the salon every 3-4 weeks then you can absolutely do a high-maintenance hair cut or color. However, if you are only getting your hair done every 3-6 months, then you need to choose a style or color that will grow out very naturally and require less maintenance.
3. What do you dislike most about your hair?
While this question seems entirely negative, it can be the most valuable question to point you to the right hairstyle. For instance, if a client with medium textured hair feels like their hair is too heavy and straight, their "new look" can be achieved by adding layers to remove weight and add texture and movement. Knowing what you don't like can quickly get you to what you love in a hairstyle!

Know the Difference

Get Gorgeous

Know the Difference…

Not Just Highlights.......Balayage

Not Just a Double Process.....Ombre

Not Just a Deep Conditioner...An In-salon Ritual

Not Just a Hair Appointment…An Experience

Not Just a Hairdresser....An Artist

Not just another hair salon....element Nashville
Now you know. We eagerly anticipate your arrival.

Ordinary is over.

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