Looking through magazines, Pinterest, and watching our favorite shows, we see the best of the best hair. That hair is what dreams are made of!  We want it, we ask our hairstylist for it, and we try to 
recreate it at home.  Sometimes, it just doesn’t look quite the same when we do it ourselves though. How did my stylist do that and why can’t my  hair look like the darn Victoria’s Secret models?! Well, here are 5 tips to help you achieve that gorgeous hair. 
First thing’s first-- you need a hairstylist that you can have open communication with. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or voice concerns.  That’s what stylists are here for, to help you and make you feel 
No, we are not trying to push a sale. Product is a key ingredient in how awesome your hair is going to look and feel at home. Take it as a prescription from the doctor, the hair doctor. We are highly trained in different hair types and can prescribe which products will be best for your hair.
On a budget? Start out with what your hairstylist thinks is the most vital thing that you take home that day and then as your budget allows, get the next things on the list. 
Still using that hairdryer from 1999 because it just won’t die? Put it to rest. It’s been working hard and it’s been harder on your hair. Technology has come so far in every aspect of our lives and that includes hairdryers. There are a wide range of dryers for any budget that will help keep your hair healthy with different ionic settings to either cut down on the frizz of your hair or to add volume to your blowout. 
Don’t get discouraged if you haven’t mastered the round brush or curling iron yet. It takes a lot of 
practice! Just keep trying...When you go into the salon, pay attention to how your stylist is using his or her tools. This is a great time to ask questions and be open with your stylist about the problems you are having at home. 
Sometimes we need a little bit of CHANGE. A bit of highlighting around the face or a tweak in the haircut. More layers, less layers. Getting some bangs or getting...OMG...rid of bangs that we have had for years! Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone because that might just be the final step in you having that hair you have been dreaming about!


Heat Protectant
Unless you wear your hair au naturel, some type of thermal protectant is essential to at home hair care. Unless you air dry your hair and go, you are doing some type of blow drying, straightening, or curling. The thermal protectant helps seal down the cuticle of your hair and create a protected layer. When there is no protection, the raised cuticle of your hair exposes your strands and damage and breakage occurs. If you are trying to grow out your hair, a heat protectant is a must have!
Element Salon Favorite: 
Kerastase Thermique (use proper edition for your hair type of course!)
Tangle Teaser
A tangle teaser is a newer tool created to untangle those unruly tresses. Many people spend too much time trying to brush out their tangles. The truth is, they are using the wrong tool. Take the tangle teaser in your hand and start from the bottom up. If you try and untangle from the roots down, all you are doing is creating more of a mess including damage. Your hair is at its weakest state when wet, so be calm and detangle with ease. 
Element Salon Favorite:
Tangle Teaser (Carried by Element Salon)
Blow dryer Concentrator
Most blow dryers come with convenient attachments. These are not added bonuses-- they are necessary parts to the tool. The nozzle with the flat end is called a concentrator. This attachment allows the air to flow in one direction. The concentrator gives you control. Always point the nozzle down the hair shaft to the ends. This will enable you to add shine to your hair during your blow dry at home.
Element Salon Favorite:
One Styling Epic Light (Carried by Element Salon)
Using long flat clip with a spring will help you achieve that perfect style at home. Being organized while styling your hair will help tremendously in achieving the end result. These clips will help you move your hair out of the way in order to concentrate on certain sections one at a time. The clips are designed to hold large and small sections with even tension while maintaining the integrity of the hair. They will not damage nor kink or dent the strands. Clips will help you style your hair consistently while staying productive since you do not have to go back and restyle a kink that a hairband may leave.
Element Salon Favorite:
One Styling Penguin Hair Clips
Hand Held Mirror
This is a tool that is often over looked for at home hair care. We do not have eyes behind our heads. There is no way to know what our hairstyle looks like in the back! Having a mirror on hand to hold up and look at our creation will ensure a finished look. Have a big enough mirror to see your face and hair clearly. Face away from your bathroom or bedroom mirror and use the hand held mirror to see the back of your head using both reflections. This is especially important for those who back comb! No one needs holes in their hairstyle!
Element Salon Favorite:
Zadro's Teardrop Hand Mirror (Any Mirror will work larger than 12")


It is undeniable, we all dream to one day have our own personal stylist who will be there when we wake up, style our hair, and follow us around just in case one side goes flat. The truth is, most of us do not have that luxury.  Not to mention the time to make it to our favorite salon each day for that amazing blow out! So does that mean you should only have great hair on the days you make it to see us here at Element?!  We think not!  Here are a few tips on how to achieve that perfect blow out in the comfort of your own home!
Pre-dry, pre-dry, pre-dry!! This first yet very simple step is essential! Make sure you towel dry your hair before attempting to blow dry it. If the water is dripping off your hair, it is too early to begin. In fact, if the water is dripping from your hair, so are the products you are applying.  What a waste! Gently towel dry your hair by patting it dry. Do not try to be a DJ by rapidly rubbing the towel at your scalp. Your hair is in its most fragile state when wet. Treat it with respect. Once your hair is no longer dripping, apply your products (see below for the best products to use!). Next, keep your blow dryer on a lower setting and pre-dry using your fingers. The goal of pre-drying is to get the hair damp, about 80% dry. When hair is damp it will be able to take the shape you wish to see. During this time, focus on the roots. Dry them upward, in order to create more volume. If you dry your roots flat, your hair will be flat! 
Take it a step further: Hair reacts differently in different climates. How does your hair react in humidity? Do you like it? If you do, you are one in a million. Step out of your muggy bathroom and do your blow out in your bedroom. The humidity in your bathroom will cause your hair to frizz. 
Tools and Products:
If you want a professional blow out, use professional tools! A lot of research, chemistry, and technology goes into professional products and tools to ensure the best results. If you want an everyday drugstore product looking blowout, by all means clip those coupons! But if you want the best blowout keep reading.
Foremost, you must use the right products for your hair. We all have different types of hair from curly to straight, fine to thick, oily to dry, etc. If you are using the wrong products you will not have the results you want. If you are unsure of which products are right for you, ask your stylist!  It is his or her job to recommend and refer you to the products that will keep your hair looking and feeling fabulous! Think of hair products as prescriptions, medicine for your hair! The right products will remedy your hair frustrations. Essential blow out products to consider include a foundation, a muscle, and a finish, or a heat protectant and styling oil, a mousse, and a finishing spray. Each professional blow out works these products together to protect, seal the cuticle to create shine, and add memory for hold.
Concentration is key. It is next to impossible to create a fabulous blow out without staying organized. Section your hair in order to concentrate on parts of the head one at a time, starting at the bottom. Blow dryers come with attachments, use them! The nozzle with the flat end will be your best friend, we promise. The nozzle, a concentrator, will allow the air to flow in one direction which helps seal the cuticle of the hair. Always point the nozzle down the hair shaft towards the end to further seal the cuticle. 
Practice, practice, practice! Using a round brush is not the easiest task the first time you try it. Do not get frustrated, it will come with time. Round brushes are an important tool in receiving the volume and bountiful curl we strive towards. Use tension to create a smooth blow dry. Wrap your strands around the round brush and concentrate on the roots, then the mid shaft, to ensure they are dry and smooth. Focus on the ends last just to create a finish. Do not over dry the hair, this can cause damage and dryness. 
While blow drying your hair at home, please keep in mind the importance of pre-drying, products and tools, and sectioning. The skill of achieving a professional blowout does not come over night. It comes with patience and practice. So get your round brush in hand, smile on, and start drying, because no matter what the end result may be, you will still look gorgeous darling. 


By round brushing, you are creating a natural over direction of the hair which will lift the hair off the scalp, and if you use a boar bristle round brush it will not only build volume without frizz, but it will make your hair shine as well.
By using this technique of drying your hair, you are guaranteed to create volume when you toss your hair right side up! Just run some Cristal Sculpt by Kerastase through your ends, and you will have a finished look.
This can be done a variety of ways.  You can do this with rollers, a curling iron, a smoothing iron, or a round brush.  I usually do this with a round brush. As you round brush, you will notice that your hair will naturally want to curl in on itself, so you just let it.  After it is curled, roll it to the scalp and use a pin curl pin to hold the curl in place to the scalp. Repeat this process until you have curled every piece.  Let it completely cool (setting the hair) and after that take the pin curl pins out.  Finally, just run your fingers through your hair to break up the curls.
These services are offered in the salon, and they will actually change your hair texture from frizzy to smooth. That being said, your hair will be limp and flat for the first couple of days. After that you will notice reduced frizz, and you can then round brush, set your hair, and blow-dry your hair upside down to achieve volume without frizz. 


Questions to consider as you seek your perfect personal style:
1. How big of a change are you looking for?
This is one of the most important questions when finding a new hairstyle. Every person coming into a salon is there for a reason-to get their hair done. However, not everyone is there for a drastic change! Knowing how much change a client is looking for helps set a filter and guideline for the stylist so that they can then address the client’s needs accordingly.  For some people a "new look" simply means a refreshed hair trim or a highlight touch-up. For others, it may mean a pixie cut with a vibrant new color. Once the stylist and client are on the same page as far as change, they can then decide what the new look will be.
2. How frequently are you willing to get your hair done?
This directly corresponds to the previous question. If your schedule allows for a visit to the salon every 3-4 weeks then you can absolutely do a high-maintenance hair cut or color. However, if you are only getting your hair done every 3-6 months, then you need to choose a style or color that will grow out very naturally and require less maintenance.
3. What do you dislike most about your hair?
While this question seems entirely negative, it can be the most valuable question to point you to the right hairstyle. For instance, if a client with medium textured hair feels like their hair is too heavy and straight, their "new look" can be achieved by adding layers to remove weight and add texture and movement. Knowing what you don't like can quickly get you to what you love in a hairstyle!


Busy women on the go these days rarely have the time to sit and primp in front of the mirror for
hours at a time. These days, quick and easy maintenance is key! 
My three simple tasks to maintain a well-defined gorgeous look is through the three latest trends 
for 2015: Hair, nails and perfectly shaped eye brows !!
Many times women only wash their hair at most a couple of times per week, and most always let it air dry, leaving it with that soft beach wavy look, that is a current look.  Need an easy way to quickly switch it up, and get a quick fresh look for a night on the town or even if you’re late for work?  Spray some Kerastase Powder Bluff dry shampoo throughout the hair, massaging evenly the product into the scalp to absorb oils. Quickly run a curling iron over large sections (leaving the last inch of hair out of the curling iron) to give that loose beach wave, then put a couple drops of Kerastase Touch Finale serum in your hand and run your fingers throughout the hair to provide anti frizz to each wave and to give it that final finished look.
Not-so-perfect-nails is the current look, even different colors on each finger are a popular choice. Element Salon offers many shades of Smith and Cult nail polish collection.  One of my favorites is called Dirty Baby, which is a charcoal color glitter polish with small specks of gold. Ombre nails are the "in thing" for 2015. This look begins when the polish begins in the middle of the nail and is swiped up only toward the tips, leaving the bottom half untouched. You’ll love this look and you’re sure to get a ton of compliments!
The latest trend is to give your brows a softer and fuller look. You can see this look on Drew Barrymore, leaving a little thickness internally but smoothing out the edges. Pencil Brows are out! (and should have never been in, in this boy's personal opinion.)  Brows are so easy to maintain because the next 
time you’re  in the salon for your color or cut service,  simply ask to have your brows done while 
sitting at the shampoo bowl.  It only takes a few minutes and will give you that polished look.


When deciding whether to wear your hair in an upstyle or styled down, there are a few factors you may want to consider:

1.) What type of outfit or jewelry will you be wearing?  
If you plan to wear big statement earrings or a dress or blouse that has a neckline you
would like to show off, you might choose to wear your hair in an updo to showcase your
clothing and jewelry.

2.) Will you be outdoors for a majority of the time?
Having your hair pinned up in an updo is a great way to combat potential frizz or flat hair that can result from inclement weather conditions.

3.) Does your hair texture hold a style well for an extended period of time?
If you are having your hair styled hours before an event, you might opt for an upstyle versus  wearing your hair styled down. Fine textured hair might not hold curl as long as a coarser hair texture would, so it should be taken into consideration when deciding to updo or not to updo.
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