What Separates a Good Hairdresser From A Great Hairdresser?


The answer is simple, education. And not just the education a professional stylist gains when he or she goes through Beauty School but rather, the continuing education an artist seeks throughout their career to master their craft. The educational evolution that takes place over the course of an artist’s tenure is what separates the ordinary from the elite, and the basic form the advanced.

In choosing your hairdresser, and if you seek the very best, you need to look at the whole salon. What is the culture of the environment? What is the manner in which you are treated as a client?

  • Is it confined and rigid, or welcoming and comfortable?
  • Are you treated like a guest, or are you treated like a number?
  • Does your stylist listen and understand, or do they tell and dictate?
  • Do you feel like you have to go, or do you feel excited and want to go…something you eagerly and enthusiastically look forward to?
  • And finally, do you trust your hairdresser? Do you trust their suggestions and abilities?

Ours is an extremely personal business, and our clients sit at the head of the table every day and at every appointment. It is of the essence that the stylist client relationship is solidified through trust and confidence. The only way to gain that respect, gain that trust, and build that confidence with our clients is to make absolutely sure we at element Nashville stay at the very top of our game day in, day out.

To just “do hair” is not in our wheelhouse. We have to stay educated as individual stylist and as a team.
We don’t “just do hair.”

Element’s foundation and model for success is rooted in a rigorous and continuous educational cycle and an unwavering commitment to flawless service & quality work.

From the front of the salon to the back, we all share the same high standards

  • Never Stop Learning
  • Share and Mentor
  • Listen to the client, work with and around their lifestyles and everyday
  • Treat each and every guest like family

You aren’t chosen one of the Top 100 Salons in the USA, as element has been, by accident.
And we certainly do not take that for granted.

Teams of amazing artist don’t just fall together haphazardly. We are a well-crafted team comprised of amazing leadership and vision with Principle Jason Facio at the lead and the “Dream Team”, Nashville’s brightest and best creating individualized beauty every day, for each client, one at a time.

Ordinary Is Over

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