If you’re seeking a way to add fullness to your hair for the occasional night out or special event, you could choose a short term option such as buying  clip-in extensions at a beauty supply store, or you could purchase HaloCouture hair extensions from a certified stylist to add volume and length in seconds with zero effort. 
If you are looking for extensions to wear long-term, there are several options.  The Dream Catchers line is my personal favorite for fine to medium textured hair.  Dream Catchers hair extensions are attached using small cylinders that clamp to the hair, and with proper care, there is no damage to the natural hair since they don’t require damaging clips or chemical glues. If you have naturally thick or coarse hair and are looking to achieve length you might consider  tape-in wefts.  However, tape-in wefts require regular maintenance to make sure the hair in and around the wefts of tape does not matt. These are a great solution, but you must be willing to put in the maintenance work.
When it comes to getting the perfect extensions, the first step is to see a certified stylist for a consultation. Regardless of what extension method you decide to go with, make certain you get good-quality Remy hair (This term refers to the direction of the cuticle within the extension strands.   If the hair is Remy, you know that all cuticles are facing down, like natural hair, to avoid tangles, frizz, and a rough appearance). Lastly and most importantly, make sure you follow your stylist’s directions carefully when it comes to care and maintenance.
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