When deciding whether to wear your hair in an upstyle or styled down, there are a few factors you may want to consider:

1.) What type of outfit or jewelry will you be wearing?  
If you plan to wear big statement earrings or a dress or blouse that has a neckline you
would like to show off, you might choose to wear your hair in an updo to showcase your
clothing and jewelry.

2.) Will you be outdoors for a majority of the time?
Having your hair pinned up in an updo is a great way to combat potential frizz or flat hair that can result from inclement weather conditions.

3.) Does your hair texture hold a style well for an extended period of time?
If you are having your hair styled hours before an event, you might opt for an upstyle versus  wearing your hair styled down. Fine textured hair might not hold curl as long as a coarser hair texture would, so it should be taken into consideration when deciding to updo or not to updo.
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