I have personally worn hair extensions six times over the last twelve years and they were amazing.   I loved them! I felt like I had the hair I always dreamed of having instead of the flat, straight, thin, lifeless short hair I was born with.

Myth #1: Hair Extensions Damage Healthy Hair
I never experience breakage or shedding at all. Yes, I am a stylist and I took great steps to maintain my hair extensions, and if you go to an educated experienced stylist, the maintenance information should be a large part of the service. You should leave the service knowing the frequency of check-up maintenance services, and what to do at home to make sure your extensions look and feel the best.

Myth #2: Hair Extensions Are Painful  And  Uncomfortable
False (ish)
The first time I wore my extensions they were a little tight on the first night, but nothing that would cause loss of sleep or headaches. The second night, my hair felt completely normal. Each subsequent time I had extensions put in, I was prepared for the sensation of tightness, but I never noticed it again, and for the record: I have a fairly sensitive scalp and skin. (You probably do want them to feel tight at the beginning so that they last longer and grow out nicely)

Myth #3: Hair Extensions Prevent Natural Hair From Growing
Not only false, but COMPLETELY so! Each and every time I wore hair extensions, or my clients have tried them, the hair underneath grew normally. Actually in my personal experience, for my slow growing hair it has always been the longest my hair has grown. Maybe that’s because I focused the styling on the extension hair more than my natural? I’m not sure why that happens, but I look at it as an added benefit when it’s time to remove my much loved extensions.
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