Hair Trends

Trends come and go, and eventually they are recycled again for a new generation. However, just 
because a style is deemed trendy does not mean it is stylish for you. If you are thinking of trying 
out a trend on your tresses, always remember to ask - is this trend right for me? By reflecting on 
this question and consulting your stylist, you will be able to avoid a trend that you may possibly end up regretting.  
Bangs are a classic way to change your hair style. Although fringe can add flair to your hair, it is 
important that your bangs flatter your face shape. Not sure of your face shape? Your stylist will 
be happy to help you figure it out and help determine what bang style is best for you.
• Oval Face - You have the ideal face shape to pull off nearly all styles of bangs. Whether 
angled, blunt and thick or super short, bangs are sure to flatter you. 
• Round Face - To achieve the illusion of a more elongated face, go for shorter bangs that are 
airy and wispy or an asymmetrical bang. 
• Long Face - Bangs are a great way to shorten the appearance of your face. Be sure to go for 
longer bangs instead of shorter bang styles. You can also pull off a blunt bang. 
• Square Face - Long, wispy angled bangs are ideal for you because they will help divert the eye 
in a diagonal direction versus horizontal, adding length to your face. 
• Heart Face - Blunt bangs, cut straight across below your eyebrows will cover your forehead 
and help soften a pointed chin. Also, a side-swept bang can flatter a wide forehead or you may 
opt for choppy bangs that are long enough to push to one side. 
Communication with your stylist is the key to making sure you don’t regret the pixie trend. If 
you walk into a salon and say, “I want a pixie cut,” you are saying that you want the shortest 
and tightest cut, which may not be exactly what you desire. Bring your stylist pictures of the cut 
that you want, because nothing compares to visual examples and you want to be as clear as possible 
about the cut you desire, especially when you are cutting your locks short. 
In addition to proper communication with your stylist, you need to have an open mind. As with 
bangs, not every face shape can pull off the same style of a pixie cut. Allow your stylist to make 
suggestions  about different pixie styles that will be the most flattering for your face shape. 
Since the birth of punk rock, neon hair hues have been a fun form of self-expression. Thanks to 
style icons like Nicole Richie and Kelly Osbourne, this trend has transcended through the years 
into a fashionable statement. 
Before you turn a fashion forward trend into a fashion fail, consider trying a temporary dye that 
will wash out in a few shampoos, such as hair chalk. This is a fantastic way to experiment with 
colorful hues and make sure you find one right for you. 
If you are ready to try neon hues as a more permanent style, be aware of the upkeep required to 
ensure that your locks stay full of luster and vibrancy. You will need to visit your colorist every 2 - 4 
weeks, depending on the density of your hair and your daily hair care regimen.
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