Busy women on the go these days rarely have the time to sit and primp in front of the mirror for
hours at a time. These days, quick and easy maintenance is key! 
My three simple tasks to maintain a well-defined gorgeous look is through the three latest trends 
for 2015: Hair, nails and perfectly shaped eye brows !!
Many times women only wash their hair at most a couple of times per week, and most always let it air dry, leaving it with that soft beach wavy look, that is a current look.  Need an easy way to quickly switch it up, and get a quick fresh look for a night on the town or even if you’re late for work?  Spray some Kerastase Powder Bluff dry shampoo throughout the hair, massaging evenly the product into the scalp to absorb oils. Quickly run a curling iron over large sections (leaving the last inch of hair out of the curling iron) to give that loose beach wave, then put a couple drops of Kerastase Touch Finale serum in your hand and run your fingers throughout the hair to provide anti frizz to each wave and to give it that final finished look.
Not-so-perfect-nails is the current look, even different colors on each finger are a popular choice. Element Salon offers many shades of Smith and Cult nail polish collection.  One of my favorites is called Dirty Baby, which is a charcoal color glitter polish with small specks of gold. Ombre nails are the "in thing" for 2015. This look begins when the polish begins in the middle of the nail and is swiped up only toward the tips, leaving the bottom half untouched. You’ll love this look and you’re sure to get a ton of compliments!
The latest trend is to give your brows a softer and fuller look. You can see this look on Drew Barrymore, leaving a little thickness internally but smoothing out the edges. Pencil Brows are out! (and should have never been in, in this boy's personal opinion.)  Brows are so easy to maintain because the next 
time you’re  in the salon for your color or cut service,  simply ask to have your brows done while 
sitting at the shampoo bowl.  It only takes a few minutes and will give you that polished look.
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