Number 5: BRAD PITT
Brad Pitt is definitely someone who always gets it right! He can show us a softer, sexier side with longer hair in Legends of the Fall and Interview with a Vampire, or a rugged, super masculine side in Fight Club and Mr. and Mrs. Smith!!  He is a gorgeous specimen of a man with great hair to go along with his always and ever changing good looks leaving him at number 5 on my list of celebrities who always get it right!! 
Jennifer is currently one of the most googled women of the younger generation whose hair is constantly changing and always looks great! She brings her confidence in any hairstyle that she wear, whether she is rocking a short, sassy pixie or glamming it up with longer, luscious locks.  Jennifer is a great example to women that you can change your look often and still look great-- which lands her at my number 4 spot of celebrities who always get it right! 
George makes my number 3 spot for always getting it right! He always looks so dapper and handsome! First coming on the scene of the hit TV show ER, he was stunning and captivating with his longer, darker natural wavy hair! As the show progressed so did his style, and whether it was longer or shorter, he always looked dashing and sexy! Now as one of the most iconic actors, George is always evolving his style with the trends of each era and currently has one of the most distinct classic hairstyles for men today!  Amal, is one lucky lady!! 
Sofía always is consistently beautiful whether her color is a dark rich chocolate brown or a light golden honey blonde! She always hits the mark perfectly and her wardrobe and make up complements her hair to a tee!!  Her English may be broken at times but her hair and style is always correct putting her at my number 2 spot for always getting it right!! 
Lastly and mostly importantly, JLo exudes beauty, style, glamour, and always looks put together and polished! She is glamorous and sexy and her hair is always on point! Even when she goes with the disheveled and messy look it is always perfectly executed! She is definitely my number 1 for always getting it right! 
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