TIP # 1.                   
 In gentleman’s styling, to give an illusion of thicker and fuller hair, have your stylist cut varying lengths into the crown of your head. The shorter pieces will give you texture that will build volume within your hair.
TIP #2.      
If thinning hair does not run in your family, think about what you are going through and possibly if you are on any medications that could be causing you to have thinning hair/hair loss. Stress can be a great contributing factor to thinning hair.
TIP #3.                    
There are a wide variety of products out there that are “guaranteed” to grow hair.  But let’s face it,  if those worked we wouldn’t be faced with thinning hair.  So you have to become an illusionist. You can disguise thinning hair by setting the foundation of your hair success, which is dependent on your shampoo and conditioner. Kerastase Volumifique shampoo and conditioner are perfect choices.  Add a great volume-boosting product like Lift Vertige by Kerastase to lift your roots, thus not allowing the hair just to lay flat to your scalp.
TIP #4.                   
You know when you go get a blow out at the salon and your hair looks nice and full? You can achieve a very similar result. Remember previously I mentioned using volume-boosting products?  You can add a round brush and by blow-drying your hair in the opposite direction in which your hair grows you are going to have that volume that will disguise thinning hair. If you are not sure on your hair patterns and how your hair grows ask your stylist to show you how your hair grows and what direction you need to dry your hair.
TIP #5.                    
If you still feel like you need a boost. There are products (e.g. X-Fusion) that are fillers and they are used to disguise thinning hair.  The results are pretty impressive. It is a one-time deal though, so you have to commit to giving yourself plenty of time to apply the product daily.
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