Frizzy and unruly hair is not fun….. or pretty.   Here are a few tips to help you tame your frizz on those hot and humid Nashville days:
-Wash your hair with Kerastase Discipline shampoo, and get a good lather going. After rinsing this out, use your hands to squeeze out any excess water until water stops dripping. Then take your Kerastase Discipline conditioner and with a quarter size amount in hand, apply to the mid-lengths to ends. The little remaining product on your hand may be applied to the top of the hair so as not to weigh down the new growth. After a few minutes thoroughly rinse out and towel dry completely. Once you are out of the shower you will begin phase 2 which is the most important, applying product !
Product Application
a- Make sure hair is towel dried and no water is dripping. Take your Kerastase Fluidissime antifreeze spray and gently mist it throughout your hair. This spray acts as a heat protectant and will smooth unruly tangles before you begin brushing.
b- Take a quarter size amount of Kerastase Keratine thermique milk, which controls frizz and humidity and massage this from mid lengths down to the ends, leaving a little for the top of the hair. Take your tangle teaser brush and comb your hair, this will evenly distribute all of the product and guarantee the best end results.
c- Using a round brush, dry your hair as you normally would. Just a quick note 
that allowing the hair to air dry up to 50% before-hand will allow for a much easier round brushing experience.
d- Once the hair is completely dry, if you feel the need to run a flat iron over it to seal the cuticle, make sure you use a good heat protectant before-hand. A dime size amount of Kerastase Christaliste Sculpt can be applied and massaged into the dry hair (mostly the mid lengths to ends). Now safe to use your flat iron to smooth out any remaining frizzy areas.
e- Finally take a Sheet of Kerastse K Carre touch up sheet (these look like small dryer sheets) and gently brush this all over and throughout the hair to put in a final seal and prevent those unruly fly aways and frizzy pieces from popping back up.  A box of the Carre Sheets is small enough to fit in your purse to keep your blowout tame throughout the day and night allowing it to look amazing for several days.
In the event these steps are not enough to control extremely unruly hair you should talk to your hair stylist about possibly performing either a Brazilian Blowout  or a Keratin treatment. Just remember that both Brazilians and Keratins are only frizz reducers and will not remove the curl.
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