Questions to consider as you seek your perfect personal style:
1. How big of a change are you looking for?
This is one of the most important questions when finding a new hairstyle. Every person coming into a salon is there for a reason-to get their hair done. However, not everyone is there for a drastic change! Knowing how much change a client is looking for helps set a filter and guideline for the stylist so that they can then address the client’s needs accordingly.  For some people a "new look" simply means a refreshed hair trim or a highlight touch-up. For others, it may mean a pixie cut with a vibrant new color. Once the stylist and client are on the same page as far as change, they can then decide what the new look will be.
2. How frequently are you willing to get your hair done?
This directly corresponds to the previous question. If your schedule allows for a visit to the salon every 3-4 weeks then you can absolutely do a high-maintenance hair cut or color. However, if you are only getting your hair done every 3-6 months, then you need to choose a style or color that will grow out very naturally and require less maintenance.
3. What do you dislike most about your hair?
While this question seems entirely negative, it can be the most valuable question to point you to the right hairstyle. For instance, if a client with medium textured hair feels like their hair is too heavy and straight, their "new look" can be achieved by adding layers to remove weight and add texture and movement. Knowing what you don't like can quickly get you to what you love in a hairstyle!
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