Two hair techniques have taken the world by storm:  Ombre and Balayage.  How cool for us as stylists?  How cool for our clients to be introduced to something different than their same root touch up or 5 zillion foils they are so used to.  (Not that there isn’t a time and place for each of these).
You’ve seen it, the look where it seems like someone hasn’t done their roots in- let’s say- a year?  Surprise!  We actually do that on purpose in the salon.  Technically, it is a gradual lightening of the hair strand fading from darker color at the root to a lighter one at the ends.  It can be subtle or very striking depending on what look you are going for.  
Some questions to ask yourself before deciding to opt for an ombre hair color service in the salon:
1. Are you ok with the look of roots?
2. Do you style your hair?  We ask because it looks best when waved with an iron.
3. Do you like to make a statement?
This is (in my opinion) what’s up with color right now.  Balayage is a French term, meaning “to sweep”.  And that is exactly what we do.  It is a process of sweeping color vertically to create sun kissed looks in hair, usually 2-3 levels from your natural color.  It is intriguing to see how this process is achieved in a salon, because instead of the regular foils we have seen for years, balayage highlights are applied with cotton and plastic wrap. 
Some questions to ask yourself before deciding to get balayage highlights in your hair:
1. Are you ok with low maintenance, subtle color that you can wear either straight or waved?
2. Are you prepared for change and giving up those foils?
In my opinion, Ombre is making an exit for now, we have played her out.  Balayage is in full force and what is on point at this moment.  
Stay in style my friends, Stay in style.
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