Here is a list of some tips to help you find your perfect color. Communication is key! You and your stylist often speak two different languages. 
These questions will help you break down the barrier.
1-Will this work for me?
Sure we all wish we could have Jennifer Anniston’s gold locks, or Gwen Stefani’s icy blonde. 
The thing is, it may just not work.  This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a similar look within reason. Your stylist wants you to look like you and will be able to work out a tone that gives you what you want and looks the best on you. You have to trust your stylist to look at key things like skin tone and underlying  pigment to assure that you look great with your new color.

2-What maintenance will this require?
It is important to know how much time and money will go into your color before committing. If you are a dark brunette and you want be platinum then you have to consider not only the time and money it takes to get there, but also the time you will spend maintaining it. And with a look like this one you can plan on seeing your stylist every 3 weeks.  Another option for you if you don’t want to commit to something so high maintenance is to consider getting really light balayage pieces that frame your face.

3-Do I need a certain shampoo and conditioner? 
This is a VERY important question. You just paid to get your amazing color done, and you’ll most definitely want to maintain a rich and lasting result.  All hair color fades eventually, but with the right products you will keep the vibrancy of fresh salon hair much longer.  Color-safe shampoos and conditioners contain certain ingredients to preserve your color. Drug store products contain a lot of sulfates which is the arch nemesis of color!

4-Are you going to be a serial color changer?
Are you a person who wants to change your hair color all of the time? If so that’s awesome! Just make sure you aren’t  wanting to go to extremes too often. Taking drastic changes from really blonde to really red and vice versa is extremely difficult.  It also takes a toll on your hair.  And any good stylist will choose the integrity of your hair over your desire for extreme and constant change.
5-Is the color you want in the stylist’s wheelhouse?
It important to research your stylist and see if you have a similar aesthetic.  Book a consultation and ask  to see photos of the stylist’s work. This is 2015. If a stylist doesn’t have current styles,  RUN!  If you are a person who wants hot pink and orange hair, going to a stylist who only does natural looks won’t be your best bet. The same goes in reverse. 
6-Is there anything you can do to liven up your locks in between appointments?
Yes, of course! There are several things you can do, one of which is a gloss.  This is great for any color, but especially if you have a solid color.  A gloss deposits shine and pigment to make your hair look as good as new!  This is also a quick and fairly inexpensive service.  Have a last minute trip and your highlights need a quick retouch?  Ask for a mini highlight or balayage service.
7-Are you ready for a change? 
Have you ever decided to paint something and brought home a color you loved in the store then hated it once you had the entire room done? Didn’t you wish you had just painted a square of the wall and lived with it a few days first? Well, the same goes for your hair. If you are considering a major change and you are not good with change, I would strongly recommend talking with your stylist about starting off subtle and slowly transitioning.  In the end, you can have the most beautiful color in the world, and if you weren’t ready for it, you will hate it! 
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