First and foremost, pre booking is the most efficient way of getting your desired date and time, and the best way of keeping your hair looking happy and healthy.  Come in with your schedule, and put your phone calendar to work.  Your stylist can tell you how long they would recommend you waiting between visits, and what they would recommend for your next visit as well. This will help alleviate any sort of stress about getting in on time, especially if you are getting in for a color service. 
Secondly, being aware of your stylist’s schedule and calling a couple of weeks in advance is always a great option. Knowing how long your appointment will go, and knowing when your stylist will be available will ensure that you get in around the time that best works for you. Keep in mind that some stylists may book further in advance than others. It’s always best to get familiar with their schedule even just for your piece of mind, and if you can’t get in exactly when you want don’t forget to ask to get on the pending list, some times last minute cancelations happen and you get lucky!
Lastly, if in a last resort you call the day-of, or absolutely can’t wait any longer and you need to get in, you always have the option of temporarily seeing another stylist that your primary stylist would recommend. When it comes down to a color service, your primary stylist always keeps your formula and can pass it along. If you are coming in for a haircut, there are always other stylists at the same price point who are just as talented. 
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