Heat Protectant
Unless you wear your hair au naturel, some type of thermal protectant is essential to at home hair care. Unless you air dry your hair and go, you are doing some type of blow drying, straightening, or curling. The thermal protectant helps seal down the cuticle of your hair and create a protected layer. When there is no protection, the raised cuticle of your hair exposes your strands and damage and breakage occurs. If you are trying to grow out your hair, a heat protectant is a must have!
Element Salon Favorite: 
Kerastase Thermique (use proper edition for your hair type of course!)
Tangle Teaser
A tangle teaser is a newer tool created to untangle those unruly tresses. Many people spend too much time trying to brush out their tangles. The truth is, they are using the wrong tool. Take the tangle teaser in your hand and start from the bottom up. If you try and untangle from the roots down, all you are doing is creating more of a mess including damage. Your hair is at its weakest state when wet, so be calm and detangle with ease. 
Element Salon Favorite:
Tangle Teaser (Carried by Element Salon)
Blow dryer Concentrator
Most blow dryers come with convenient attachments. These are not added bonuses-- they are necessary parts to the tool. The nozzle with the flat end is called a concentrator. This attachment allows the air to flow in one direction. The concentrator gives you control. Always point the nozzle down the hair shaft to the ends. This will enable you to add shine to your hair during your blow dry at home.
Element Salon Favorite:
One Styling Epic Light (Carried by Element Salon)
Using long flat clip with a spring will help you achieve that perfect style at home. Being organized while styling your hair will help tremendously in achieving the end result. These clips will help you move your hair out of the way in order to concentrate on certain sections one at a time. The clips are designed to hold large and small sections with even tension while maintaining the integrity of the hair. They will not damage nor kink or dent the strands. Clips will help you style your hair consistently while staying productive since you do not have to go back and restyle a kink that a hairband may leave.
Element Salon Favorite:
One Styling Penguin Hair Clips
Hand Held Mirror
This is a tool that is often over looked for at home hair care. We do not have eyes behind our heads. There is no way to know what our hairstyle looks like in the back! Having a mirror on hand to hold up and look at our creation will ensure a finished look. Have a big enough mirror to see your face and hair clearly. Face away from your bathroom or bedroom mirror and use the hand held mirror to see the back of your head using both reflections. This is especially important for those who back comb! No one needs holes in their hairstyle!
Element Salon Favorite:
Zadro's Teardrop Hand Mirror (Any Mirror will work larger than 12")
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