Looking through magazines, Pinterest, and watching our favorite shows, we see the best of the best hair. That hair is what dreams are made of!  We want it, we ask our hairstylist for it, and we try to 
recreate it at home.  Sometimes, it just doesn’t look quite the same when we do it ourselves though. How did my stylist do that and why can’t my  hair look like the darn Victoria’s Secret models?! Well, here are 5 tips to help you achieve that gorgeous hair. 
First thing’s first-- you need a hairstylist that you can have open communication with. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or voice concerns.  That’s what stylists are here for, to help you and make you feel 
No, we are not trying to push a sale. Product is a key ingredient in how awesome your hair is going to look and feel at home. Take it as a prescription from the doctor, the hair doctor. We are highly trained in different hair types and can prescribe which products will be best for your hair.
On a budget? Start out with what your hairstylist thinks is the most vital thing that you take home that day and then as your budget allows, get the next things on the list. 
Still using that hairdryer from 1999 because it just won’t die? Put it to rest. It’s been working hard and it’s been harder on your hair. Technology has come so far in every aspect of our lives and that includes hairdryers. There are a wide range of dryers for any budget that will help keep your hair healthy with different ionic settings to either cut down on the frizz of your hair or to add volume to your blowout. 
Don’t get discouraged if you haven’t mastered the round brush or curling iron yet. It takes a lot of 
practice! Just keep trying...When you go into the salon, pay attention to how your stylist is using his or her tools. This is a great time to ask questions and be open with your stylist about the problems you are having at home. 
Sometimes we need a little bit of CHANGE. A bit of highlighting around the face or a tweak in the haircut. More layers, less layers. Getting some bangs or getting...OMG...rid of bangs that we have had for years! Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone because that might just be the final step in you having that hair you have been dreaming about!
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