It is undeniable, we all dream to one day have our own personal stylist who will be there when we wake up, style our hair, and follow us around just in case one side goes flat. The truth is most of us do not have that luxury. Not to mention the time to make it to your favorite salon each day for that amazing blow out! So does that mean you should only have great hair on the days you make it to see us here at Element?! We think not! Here are a few tips on how to achieve that perfect blow out in the comfort of your own home!


Pre-dry, pre-dry, pre-dry!! This first yet very simple step is essential! Make sure you towel dry your hair before attempting to blow dry it. If the water is dripping off your hair it is too early to begin. In fact, if the water is dripping from your hair, so is the products you are applying, what a waste! Gently towel dry your hair by patting it dry. Do not try to be a DJ by rapidly rubbing the towel at your scalp. Your hair is in its most fragile state when wet. Treat it with respect. :) Once your hair is no longer dripping, apply your products (see below for the best products to use!). Next, keep your blow dryer on a lower setting and pre-dry using your fingers. The goal of pre-drying is to get the hair damp, about 80% dry. When hair is damp it will be able to take the shape you wish to see. During this time, focus on the roots. Dry them upward, in order to create more volume. If you dry your roots flat, your hair will be flat!

Take it a step further: Hair reacts differently in different climates. How does your hair react in humidity? Do you like it? If you do, you are one in a million. Step out of your muggy bathroom and do your blow out in your bedroom. The humidity in your bathroom will cause your hair to frizz.

Tools and Products:

If you want a professional blow out, use professional tools! A lot of research, chemistry, and technology goes into professional products and tools to ensure the best results. If you want an everyday drugstore product looking blowout, by all means clip those coupons! But if you want the best blowout keep reading.

Foremost, you must use the right products for your hair. We all have different types of hair from curly to straight, fine to thick, oily to dry ect. If you are using the wrong products you will not have the results you want. If you are unsure of which products are right for you ask your stylist! It is their job to recommend and refer you to the products that will keep your hair looking and feeling fabulous! Think of hair products as prescriptions, medicine for your hair! The right products will remedy your hair frustrations. Essential blow out products to consider include a foundation, a muscle, and a finish, or a heat protectant and styling oil, a mousse, and a finishing spray. Each professional blow out works these products together to protect, seal the cuticle to create shine, and add memory for hold.


Concentration is key. It is next to impossible to create a fabulous blow out without staying organized. Section your hair in order to concentrate on parts of the head one at a time starting at the bottom. Blow dryers come with attachments, use them! The nozzle with the flat end will be your best friend, we promise. The nozzle, a concentrator, will allow the air to flow in one direction which helps seal the cuticle of the hair. Always point the nozzle down the hair shaft towards the end to further seal the cuticle.

Practice, practice, practice! Using a round brush is not the easiest task the first time you try it. Do not get frustrated, it will come with time. Round brushes are an important tool in receiving the volume and bountiful curl we strive towards. Use tension to create a smooth blow dry. Wrap your strands around the round brush and concentrate on the roots, then the mid shaft to ensure they are dry and smooth. Focus on the ends last just to create a finish. Do not over dry the hair, this can cause damage and dryness.

While blow drying your hair at home, please keep in mind the importance of pre-drying, products and tools, and sectioning. The skills of achieving a professional blowout do not come over night. It comes with patience and practice. So get your round brush in hand, smile on, and start drying, because no matter what the end result may be, you will still look gorgeous darling.
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