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Bryden Mugleston

Bryden Mugleston / Stylist

Bryden started his career in San Diego CA where he mentored a generation of young stylists.
After owning and running a successful salon in CA, he chose to follow his passion for
education. Bryden doesn’t do anything half way, so he became an instructor and a mentor
at a school where he earned many awards for his teaching including “Regional Instructor
of the Year”. He has an impressive portfolio of award winning work as a hairstylist. Some
stylists are made and others are born, Bryden is both. He has an innate talent for the craft,
and he has honed it with hard work and relentless passion throughout his career. He moved
to Nashville in 2016 ready to build his career at element salon. He finds inspiration in creating
beautiful looks that suit his guests’ lifestyle without compromising the health of the hair
because as you will hear him say: “Healthy hair is beautiful hair”. When Bryden is not behind
the chair you will find him on a lake somewhere honing his skills as a competitive angler.

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