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Garry Nelson

Garry Nelson / Stylist

Originally from Kentucky, Garry relocated to Nashville in 2008 to start his career as a
stylist. After a few years as a stylist he chose 12south as the neighborhood to grow
his business in and call home for his professional life. Garry has a passion for art,
style and fashion. Not to mention his obsession with bowties. He loves a challenge and
will always find the perfect blonde for his guests skin-tone. Garry has an insatiable
thirst for education and advanced techniques, he spends his free time researching new
ways to achieve better results. He loves to introduce guests to the art of Balayage color
painting, a coloring technique he has honed as an artist. Garry is a fan of comic books,
wine, college football, and hair...Oh, and did we mention bowties?

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